Monday, October 1, 2007

Tombstone, AZ

Here at the library in the famous western shoot-out town of Tombstone AZ.

We arrived at the southern terminus of the Great Divide Route, Antelope Wells NM, last Thursday after 53 and a half days riding. We had a picnic lunch on the shaded lawn of the border crossing station and visited with the nice staff at Customs and Immigration and also with numerous border patrol agents.

We are now riding to Tucson, where we plan to pick up a rental car tomorrow evening to drive home. Between Antelope Wells and Tombstone we spent two days in the Chiricahua mountains (Coronado National Forest) which is one of the best birdwatching sites in the U.S. and was also stunningly beautiful. It was my (Amy) favorite place on the whole trip, even though it's not on the G.D.R. We saw great birds there, including the Elegant Trogon!

Prior to arriving in Antelope Wells, we stayed in Silver City NM with friends of my sister - Richard and Stacey. They were delightful hosts and gave us a great sense for what the town is like. We had an unexpectedly good meal in town and reprovisioned for the last push to the border.

We'll write more when we get home, but for now we need to get on our bikes and pedal on over to Tucson.

Best to all - Amy and Jim

P.S. Thanks to Rickson for posting pictures.


Rickson said...

Let me the first to "congratulate" you two virtually for the great accomplishment.
I feel very lucky to have shared the first two weeks of this ride with you. I get to think that I would have enjoyed it five times as much if I had stayed on.

Mother/Albe&Papa/Ned said...

Amy/Jim: I'm so proud and envious of your extraordinary accomplishment that I'm telling all my friends about it! With love to you both, mother/Alberta.

Amy: Your postings engendered a vicarious thrill for me who, through a variety of outdoor activities and camping experiences, always strove to instill in you and your siblings the excitment and wonder of the beautiful world in which we live! With love to both you & Jim, Dad

Stu said...

Amy and Jim, what a great adventure. Thanks for sharing with your blog. Your equipment descriptions were great. Stu Wik